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We are a consulting firm specialized in Talent Attraction and Development with a solid trajectory of more than 20 years.
We believe in releasing the power of people, building trusting relationships with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators; and connecting them with their talents, goals, and purposes. We design relevant talent management experiences by relying on our agile and efficient culture to ensure timely and quality results, while maintaining our dedication to innovation and living our core values: trust, passion, and excellence.

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We take recruitment to the next level.

77% of companies have difficulty meeting their talent needs, affecting their productivity and that of the Human Capital department. Using an expert recruiting firm that focuses on quality can be the difference between wasting time, effectiveness, and resources and making sure you have the best people on your team. Our thousands of success stories speak for us.

Would you like your talent to achieve extraordinary results?

We release the power of people through self-awareness and purpose generation, using our proven methodologies to support them in that process. From a group development program to life-changing processes.

• Executive and group coaching
• Powerful competencies workshops
• Team Building
• Workshops with Lego® Serious Play® methodology
• Outplacement and Career Counseling

Identify and develop today the talent your organization needs tomorrow.

Assessment Center: Helps increase hiring predictability by up to 75% vs. 5% achieved with the traditional interview.

Psychometric Tests: We are authorized distributors of the most recognized psychometric companies to offer you standardized tests with high reliability in:

– Personality from TTI SuccessInsights.
– Socio-emotional competencies including emotional intelligence from Six Seconds.
– Cognitive competencies such as critical, practical, and systemic thinking with brands such as Pearson and TTISuccess Insights.
– Other specific skills for sales teams

360 Assessments: Support your leaders to achieve better results with the Leadership Circle® tool, the most complete 360 assessment on the market.

Plan for the future and protect yourself against uncertainty.

We seek to add value with each of our interventions to manage new ways of working from agility and preparing the organization to face the challenges of the future of work. We seek that our clients abandon the mode of survival and constant crisis to reinvent themselves, act with anticipation, and prepare the structures and talent that their organization requires. We co-create strategies to take a positive approach to change, considering upskilling and reskilling strategies and connecting people to a shared purpose.

Focus on the heart of your business, we focus on the rest.

HRPO: Our Human Resources Process Outsourcing service not only simplifies your operations, but also boosts your company’s growth.

Outsourcing: It is your strategic ally to boost your company in the face of demand peaks, temporary projects, or to cover key personnel.

Reception and Permanent Positions Outsourcing: This service combines flexibility, efficiency, and continuity in administrative roles that require constant presence, so that in addition to the resource assigned to this task, there is a trained replacement to cover vacations, absences, or permissions.

Sustainable success depends on the effective management of your people.

Human Resources Process Consulting: Our service is a powerful fusion of innovation, efficiency, and expertise, designed to revolutionize the way organizations manage their most valuable asset: their people. From defining and documenting policies, to building an organizational structure.

HR Technology: We are strategic partners with platforms like OrangeHRM that offer world-class HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) expertise, providing HR teams with everything they need to work efficiently and intelligently. Whether they want to track attendance and leave or perform performance appraisals, they have all the tools they need to shine.

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Discover the strength behind more than 20 years of success in Talent Attraction and Development.

Our team has a solid track record and a unique combination of experience, innovative vision, and commitment, driving impactful results and taking your organization to the next level.

Meet us and discover how our experience can be the key to transform your company.

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